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My wife took me to Honduras for the first time in 2011, I was excited to go but the spoiled American in me did not prepare me for this Journey. Even though I did not speak a word of Spanish My Mother and Father in law made me feel more love than I’ve ever felt. It did not stop there Either the Town they lived in is San Francisco De Saco nestled between the Gulf of Mexico and a large mountain range called Refugio de Vida silvestre de Honduras http://web.tiscali.it/prolansate/html/texiguat.htm, not once did I feel threatened or unwelcome everyone I met wanted to greet me, hug me and shake my hand.

The only time they have hot water was when they boiled it, which meant cold showers(brrrrrrr). One day I was told we were going to check the coffee field, I jumped up and said lets go (dumb). Three hours of climbing a mountain on a cattle trail I started to smell tangerines in the air next thing i know I’m standing in a tangerine grove surrounded by Cacao trees

Very beautiful

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