Esmeralda's Cafe


Esmeralda's Cafe

Esmeraldas is now open for business. We are family owned and operated.

Esmeralda's Cafe

Esmeraldas Café was started by Doris Esmeralda Ayala and Jim Weir in the summer of 2016, we had $10,000 in the bank and an idea for the American dream. One day we were sitting at home discussing how we loved coffee and we should to take our passion further. I contacted NorthGate Mall in Durham, first thing they asked me was did I have a business plan, (huh). After some internet searching a business plan was born. As we dived into the restaurant business we were met by regulation after regulation. We signed our first lease in June of 2016.

We knew our resources were slim, so we searched every where for the best prices, our tables and chairs came from a 2nd hand store in Mebane North Carolina. Next we needed coffee Equipment, we called everywhere and that stuff is super expensive (road block). We contacted Carrborro Coffee roasters and the Owner Scott said he’ll take a chance and finance the equipment for us. (Thank You Scott you will always be our hero).

We dug and scrounged, sanded, painted, fussed and fought and finally we were ready for our August 1, 2016 opening. In walks the health Department and tells us wait a minute there’s a couple things not right, ok Our august 4th opening date was born.

We did ok in the mall until Covid hit, the Mall owners decided it was a great opportunity to restructure the mall (tear it down) and we need to vacate the premises, ok now our world is spinning out of control but we managed to move all of our things including my one of a kind coffee grinder collection….

After a few months search we found our current location 1515 North Pointe Dr., Durham NC 27705, again we had to decide how, what and where. We expanded our menu hired more people and away we went.

Check out our facebook for updates on Karaoke, specials and more.

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